Go Zero

  • Where do your shoes go after you discard it?

The shoes that you discard, end up in landfills that lead to harmful emission of gases, weather change, global warming, extinction of land and marine animals, all because the products are not getting upcycled or recycled.


  • What is Go Zero?

The practice of Circular fashion by Funky Kalakar.

Circular fashion is a complete lifecycle of a product, in which the garments, shoes or accessories are recycled or upcycled for as long as possible, to reduce wastes and pollutions caused by the discarding process of the old and worn-out products.

We at Funky Kalakar collect the old and worn-out accessories or shoes that have been delivered to us, to upcycle or recycle it, and give them a new life. Through this practice, we are trying to save our environment from all the possible discarded wastes and pollution caused because of the fashion industry.


  • How we can practice Circular Fashion?

Circular Fashion is all about keeping the used or worn-out products away from the landfills for as long as possible and to achieve it we can start with:

Recycling clothes or shoes that you no longer require or wear.
Donating it to an organisation who upcycles/recycles disposed of products.
Instead of purchasing new clothes, accessories or shoes, buy a second-hand one to support the afterlife of the products.
Though this process seems hectic and impossible, we lend a helping hand with our Go Zero initiative and help you with the easiest way to recycle/up-cycle.




Send us your old and worn-out shoes and bags

You need to send us the accessories such as shoes and bags, that you want to discard at our office address or drop it at the following drop boxes along with your name, e-mail id, address and contact number. If you are a large organisation, society or institute you can drop us a request to set up a collecting point at your desired location.



We recycle and up-cycle it with our go zero partner recycle green.

We accumulate all the donations and recycle or up-cycle it with our GO ZERO partner Recycle.green.



Get 15% discount coupon on your next purchase with Funky Kalakar

Not only your waste gets a new life, but you get a digital 15% discount coupon on your online purchases with Funky Kalakar. You also receive a customised token of appreciation to the given address.




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