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Do we need to be more Men-vironmental Friendly?

Sustainability, circularity, eco-friendly, conscious; the terms that we speak of today more than ever, we say that we are becoming more sustainable, we are trying to build a circular economy, we are crafting eco-friendly products and, we are leading a conscious lifestyle but, are we really putting enough effort and thought into it?
After all, these are mere terms that we use because we think these terms might protect our dying planet. What matters are the actions taken by the people to save our eco-system, from all the damage, pollutions and extinctions. For these actions to take place, we need to make sustainability availability for all the genders equally.
Just like how a drop cannot form an ocean, a single person or gender cannot build a sustainable environment or for that matter, save our Mother Earth. Our planet is too vast for a single person to make this change happen. So, why not try and include all the genders equally into it?


We are blessed and lucky to live in a society wherein women are enduring sustainable actions, to protect our eco-system. They are building a place, that is making this positive change happen. Today, to support them, everyone has come together, due to which they have so many options when it comes to sustainability.
The sustainable sector has created so many variations for them that they will find the brand and fashion products that they love within seconds. It makes it easier for them to become a conscious consumer along, with living a sustainable lifestyle. This action helps to save our environment from all the damage caused by living unethically.
So, if one gender can make this impossible shift from unethical living to ethical living, with the help of brands, then imagine the change we can bring in the lifestyle of men by becoming more Men-vironment Friendly.
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Even if, many sustainable companies are creating products, fashion garments and accessories for them, the companies still don’t market it to other genders much. Due to which, they lack in seeing the light in being an ethical consumer.
Anyway, why is that the eco-friendliest products marketed to just women? Even if they have products for men in the store.
Why don’t we ask a question that everyone is avoiding: Is masculine branding effective enough in narrowing the gender gap in environmentalism?
“Why don’t we become more Men-vironmental Friendly?”
After all, “Men-vironmental friendly” is the idea which safeguards gender-identity and affirms masculine traits in branding, therefore, increasing the likelihood of men adopting green behaviours.
Today we need to adopt more green behaviours for men because the more men feel represented in the sustainability space, the more they are likely you go green.
The green feminine stereotype inhibits men from taking eco-friendly actions. So, let us make this change happen
‘Who says green have to be just a woman’s things? Let’s break the stereotype’!
Some of us today are living in the false pretentious that men don’t care about the environment, but they do care about it. The only step that we need to take is, make them feel they belong in the green spaces as well, along with women.
So, let us promote green behaviours in men, by affirming their masculinity in them, as we can’t deny the fact that, we(consumers as well as brands) need to be more men-vironmental friendly to help bridge the eco-gender gap.
To close this cycle of the eco-gender gap, we as a brand and as a sustainable community need to change some bit of everything.
Be it our shopping habits, marketing strategies, the launch of unconventional styles for men and many more, as everything is related to each other, changing just one part of the ecosystem cannot make this change happen, the whole ecosystem needs to be changed together.
‘Every action is influenced by the other’!

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