gender equality

Why should gender equality be just about women?

Gender equality as a term is being misused by many; the concept of gender equality does not just concern women but, also to other genders at the same time.
Gender equality the name in itself implies what it is precisely about; it is about 'GENDER EQUALITY', to treat all genders equally.
The concept is not just limited to women’s right, their choices and benefits, but it goes way beyond that, it is about the benefits given to all the genders equally, be it any, and if looked at it otherwise, then all the meaning of the term is drowned in water.
It is not about empowering just women or giving them the right to vote, or equal salary, or even better education, it is about treating them as equal to other genders but at the same time providing other genders with the same opportunities as well, and this understanding is exactly what many lacks nowadays.
"Feminism an organized effort to give women the same economic, social, and political rights as MEN"
- Definition Wikipedia
We as a society try to discriminate men and the power they hold, but not once have we stopped and thought, maybe they also do deserve certain benefits and rights too along with women. We anymore can’t blame any gender, society or person for not letting women rise; it’s the 21st century, after all, if we can’t stand for our rights solely without playing the blame game then no one else can.
Yes, women were not given the right to vote, the right to drive, the right to speech extra in the past, but today a countless number of women have way passed these barriers and made a way out for themselves without pinpointing anyone or any gender, we anymore cannot keep on hitting men with the term gender equality, because they too are the citizens of this place and they too hold the right for the same amount of respect and rights women are asking for.
After all, why should a guy give his seat to women while travelling by public transports; are men not human, don't they get tired after a long day of work or is it just women who sweat it away and need a peaceful journey after a long day of work? Public transport services are a privilege to be shared not a right to be asked for.
Women are given the benefit of doubt when it comes to laws majority of the time, be it with dowry laws, rape laws, marriage laws, and such. Yes, these rights should be given and heard, but one gender cannot all the time be right and a victim in it. We have heard many cases about women being targeted and how we should support them all the time, but what about those men who are being targeted falsely for money, fame etc. we never hear their side of the stories; WHY?
These false acquisitions destroy their family, career, reputation and their life, but not a single soul tries to understand this perspective. Women are not always right, after all, we all are human every gender makes mistakes and not just one; humans need to be treated equally and not on the basis of gender.
When we give disproportionate rights and power to one sex, we are again creating a society that is promoting hypocrisy when it comes to equality.
We should promote sustainable development by providing all the sexes with equal rights, equal treatment, equal facilities, equal belief system and equal law.
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