Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion – a trend or a movement ?

Sustainable fashion is a term that is now not foreign to many, as we in this era have become accustomed to hearing it, especially with the increase in the growth of fashion industry, our shopping habits and the resulting environmental hazards caused due to it. But how well do we know the meaning of it?!
Sustainable fashion is not a term used to create a trend but is a term used to create a conviction. It is an act of becoming more responsible towards our society, environment and living creatures. It is about quality enhanced products, that should be long-lasting regardless of the washing and wearing of it.
As stated by Green Matter -
“Sustainable fashion is today a highly debated and increasingly covered topic in media and at seminars worldwide. More and more clothing companies are transforming their business models and improving their supply chains to reduce overall environmental impacts, improve social conditions in factories, etc. We also see a growing awareness among consumers, especially younger generations”
Christian Boltanski, Storage Memory, April 25–June 8, 2018
Brands approaching the concept of sustainable fashion focus on creating clothes, shoes and bags, that are manufactured and designed in the most sustainable way possible and not harm the environment or any living creatures, including the workers creating the products, without leaving any negative footprint, which at the same time helps in forming a community of conscious shoppers who focus on purchasing products that are quality ensured. Being a conscious shopper defines us to buy clothes, shoes or bags that are made with environmentally friendly materials, that is only purchased when needed.
“The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emission and becomes the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil.” - Green Matter
We even now can control this hazard by dropping the linear economy, that is take-make-dispose and follow the circular economy. The circular economy follows the concept of reuse, recycle and reduce. Reduce the use of resources, reuse the raw materials and recycle/upcycle the products.
‘Did you know, by extending the life-cycle of clothes, shoes and bags to 9 months, it reduces the hazards caused to the environment by 30%?’
Join us in this circular initiative with our Go Zero approach at

Kaarina Kaikkonen’s "Forget Me Not"

This sustainable approach by the fashion industry and their consumers can act as the most crucial step in saving our sinking environment. Sustainability is a leap of faith in our action and knowing that it is creating a better world to live in.
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