Should fashion be gender categorised anymore?

Should fashion be gender categorized anymore?

Fashion is the most followed industry of today because it helps the people to express their emotions, aesthetics and persona. It is what defines one’s first impression regardless of their gender, so should it be about gender anymore?
Fashion has played a significant role in describing the sex of a person, even when we meet someone for the first time it’s their sex that we notice subconsciously, and then we observe their attires. That, as a human makes us feel pressurised to accessorise ourselves, to please the society with something that might not even reflect our true self, it’s a compromise on our dressing personalities; but WHY?
'Does fashion mean impressing others or anyone but ourselves?'
When a woman presents her aesthetics in a man’s clothing, people tend to think she’s dressed to represent power, but the thing is a woman can also be vulnerable even when she is wearing a power suit.
Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Annie Hall
The same goes for a man, maybe even more judgement than a woman because a man’s closet is not just judged by the silhouettes and suits but also by colour.
When a man dresses up in pink, people tend to think that he is feminine and is not tough enough to be a man, but they lack to understand that a man can be strong even in a pink skirt.
“The only time the question of girl or boy comes into a conversation in terms of design is when I do underwear,”
  • - de Saint Sernin.
Fashion should be a universal language spoken by the people who understand it and not a gender-specific one, because after all it is what represents us, and we should not be hiding behind a society compelled persona.
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