circular fashion

Is circular fashion the only way out of the sinking environment?!

Fashion Industry is one of the top industries of today, with one of the largest client group, that is leading to the production of countless products by using the resources provided by our environment, which are on the verge of extinction.
Some of the fashion companies have come up with a way to support our environment and prevent less environmental damage, called sustainable fashion, that would have proven to be a great start to protect our planet if it was followed rightly by the consumers and the companies.
However, being sustainable might not help us anymore in saving our resources or prevent climate change. We became so accustomed to over-exploiting and overusing the natural rights that we forgot, to even keep on having these natural rights, there should be enough natural resources left; which will come to an end one day, if not used correctly.
‘The fashion industry is the second largest industry polluter and accounts for 10% of global carbon emission’.
This percentage is rising with the coming years, with the increase in the number of trends from season to season, as customers have become more demanding than ever. The only way of reducing this percentage is to turn circular and support circular fashion.
So what is circular fashion?
Circular fashion follows the concept of a circular economy, that is reuse, recycle and reduce. Circular fashion entails the use of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories for as long as possible, which even after its life-cycle, will be circulated responsibly in the most valuable form and will be disposed of safely, due to its biodegradable properties.
With this method of fashion, we are aiming to:
  • Reduce waste pollution on landfills
  • Increase the life-span of materials and products for the longest possible
  • Create a non-toxic working environment for the workers
  • Regenerate waste products and resources, to help in keeping the existing resources safe and guarded
This way of fashion can help in developing a new form of the world, that won’t only help in saving the resources we are left with but will also help in rejuvenating our sinking environment.
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