Recycled shoes

Do we really need another pair of shoes?!

No doubt everyone loves to own beautiful shoes and wear them around, but is there really a need for a new pair already?
We walk miles every day, we rush our self’s to colleges, offices, cafes and even catching up with friends and every time we have rushed, our magnificent pair of shoes have helped us in completing the detours with no trouble at all. A good pair of shoes has always made our paths interesting and beautiful to walk upon, then why do we abandon it so easily when it starts to wear-out even a little or when the trend is gone?
Why don’t we repair or even upcycle it in that matter just to increase the life-span and let it breathe another day? After all, many resources have been sacrificed to construct one pair of shoes. It takes months to grow these resources, that at the end is discarded in a second without thinking of the consequences and efforts put in constructing a shoe?
More than 20 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured each year, and these pairs are disposed and dumped on the landfills, jeopardising the environment because even today majority of the shoe companies don’t follow the ethical path to create shoes, so when these shoes are dumped, they release toxic wastes and harmful chemicals that are harmful both for the planet and the living creatures. After all, shoes are part of one’s everyday use and it’s owned by all, so it’s directly linked to the increase in population, leading to increase in hazards if we keep on discarding the shoes every time it shows the slightest side of the damage.
To prevent these problems, the best we can do is, use the shoes to the maximum, recycle it for the longest time possible and after that upcycle it to something else. You can also donate your shoes at ‘go zero’ and we’ll recycle them for you.
‘Is your shoe rack asking for more pair of shoes or is it crying out loud due to lack of space in it?’
How often has it happened that, one liked a pair of shoe, purchased it and never worn them? The truth is that we have been so accustomed to discard and buy a new product that we tend to ignore the value of our old pairs, after all, they still serve the purpose of a shoe even after they have been repaired.
We just need one special pair of shoes to make our walking interesting and a little more fun, so let’s make the most use of it and try to repair, reuse and upcycle it for as long as possible.
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