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Are we living in a society where the eco-gender gap still exists?!

Today, we all talk about empowering each other, giving equal rights to women, making things available for each gender equally. Though along with these issues are we failing to point out one of the major issues of today; Eco-gender gap!
What is an Eco-gender gap?
With the increase in curiosity about sustainable actions and methods to protect our only habitable planet, we see many people taking action for it.
Now, though many people are taking action, the ratio of conscious women consumers are a lot more than male consumers. This difference in ethical and sustainable actions taken by women and men is called Eco-gender gap.
‘Now the real question to be asked is, why is there an eco-gender gap even today?’
After all, sustainability is not just a girls’ thing to do. It should be practised by everyone regardless of gender. Each person makes an impact of his lifestyle choices, shopping habits, business and many more on eco-system. The day we depend on the other gender to do more, we are creating a society with a hypothetical imagination of saving the planet. We cannot save the natural resources from extinction, through this thought.


One of the main reasons for this eco-gender gap is that today’s sustainable industries are focused on women consumers than other genders.
Many men believe in sustainability, but at the same time, they also think that there should be more sustainable brands for men. As they look around for more sustainable products to buy, they see that the options are limited. It becomes difficult for them to find a sustainable brand, let alone shop for sustainable products.
We are lucky to live in a society wherein women have so many options when it comes to sustainability. The sustainable sector has created so many variations for them that they will find the brand and fashion products that they love in the blink of an eye. It makes it easier for them to become a conscious consumer along, with living a sustainable lifestyle, that helps to save our environment from all the damage caused by living unethically.
Imagine if one gender can become so close to protecting our only habitable planet by living sustainably, what magic it will do when all the genders start living the same way?
After all, we have the resources and the right community to make this change happen.


We are living in a place where we are privileged to have everything and anything in just one click. We are free to create what we desire and, with that, we benefit from technologies that help us to reach any corner of the world, with just one tap. Then why do we lack in creating one of the most important things for the survival of eco-system today? THE SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRY AVAILABLE FOR ALL GENDERS!
Even if, many sustainable companies are creating products, fashion garments and accessories for them, the companies still don’t market it to other genders much. Everyone has made it a girl thing, be it with advertising campaigns, the number of products sold, aesthetics etc. After all, why is that the eco-friendliest products marketed to just women?
Shouldn’t we as a sustainable community, believe in crafting sustainable products for all genders equally, along with the marketing reach?!
‘Are men being neglected by the sustainable industries of today or, do they believe that sustainability is not for men?’
Today, where some men believe and practice sustainability, other men feel that caring for the environment might undermine their masculinity. So, even if men believe that caring for the environment might undermine their masculinity, shouldn’t we as the sustainable industry try to change this concept and thought of men, by delivering and marketing the kind of products, aesthetics and vision they need?


We have become so accustomed to categorising everything nowadays that, even sustainability has taken its toll due to limiting it to just one gender. After all, other genders too are equally responsible for our current limitation of natural resources.
We anymore cannot blame anyone for this eco-gender gap, as we as a whole are responsible for it. One gender alone cannot protect our sinking planet.
Let us create a place for other genders, that allows them to coexist with conscious living. Just, imagine what a wonderful world it would be.

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